Gulf Coast Killers: Running nightmare couple killing people along Gulf Coast states

Real life serial killer story happening now..

30-year-old Alicia Ann Greer and 39-year-old Jacqueline Jeanette Moore were found Jan. 31 at the Emerald Sands Inn on Highway 90 in Milton, Florida.. 52-year-old Peggy Broz was found in her yard in Baldwin County, just across Perdido Bay, which separates the Florida panhandle from Alabama..

28-year-old Kayla Crocker’s mother worried when her daughter didn’t show up from work. She drove to her house to check on her daughter and 2-year-old grandson.

There, she found her daughter bleeding out from a gunshot wound at 6:30 a.m. Her son was also in the house, unharmed. Crocker’s 2006 white Chevrolet Cobalt, adorned with a skull and crossbones sticker, was missing.

The WASHINGTON POST is among news agencies reporting this: Police feel there are connections between these deaths and they are the result of an unhinged serial killing rampage..

There has been a posting of the people suspected in the killings — and there are a number of communities along the Gulf Coast on edge.. National news media has picked up the story and there will undoubtedly be millions of people watching, and thousands of witnesses on the ground level looking for any suspicious activity to report to authorities in an effort to prevent more murders from taking place..

In a press conference at the Santa Rosa county sheriff’s office Tuesday morning, Sheriff Bob Johnson said at this point William Boyette’s best chance for survival is turning himself in, because officers won’t go lightly when he’s found.

“Our officers are not taking a shot from this guy,” Johnson said…

He knows these woods “like the back of his hand,” he knows where to hide, Johnson said when asked how Boyette continues to elude them.

State Attorney Bill Eddins also said it is difficult to believe Boyette isn’t contacting someone or using social media.


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