Once again, hopes for a new FRIDAY THE 13TH film went down the tank as it was revealed that Paramount pulled previews and the film from their 2017 release schedule.

Which makes perfect sense. The film doesn’t have a director, a script, or a cast.. It just this nameless *but not faceless* film that continues being bantered around with fanfare but no fruition.

Interesting note, WORLD WAR Z’s sequel has also been pulled..

FRIDAY THE 13TH was set to begin shooting in less than 6 weeks.. I suppose there are groundhogs in Paramount that saw Jason’s shadow..

There are SOME reports that Paramount reconsidered a reboot of the 80s slasher flick after their disastrous film RINGS did so poorly at this past weekend’s box office.

I have written about RINGS before, and how the concept seemed to just be clumsy.. Not only are the days of VHS appreciation long gone, but the entire RING concept was overdone and then over-parodied by the SCARY MOVIE series. Nothing was left behind to remain scary.. Besides the atrocious box office numbers showcasing that peo
ple just weren’t interested.

And sorry to say FRIDAY fans, but for the most part the days of Jason Vorhees being a hit power player in the horror world are ending. Even this year’s big announcement that Robert Englund is ‘returning as Freddy’ neglects to mention it’s a documentary of NIGHTMARE and potentially the swan song of the character. The FREDDY reboot certainly failed a few years back, too.. as did the FREDDY VS JASON flicks 13 years ago.. *13 years, people* ..

This may be a hint of things to come for the HALLOWEEN remake too.. Time will tell . The only savings grace that movie has is the involvement of John Carpenter..

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