Horror movie fans celebrate Valentine’s Day too!

Marketing mayhem across America! Hearts and roses, flowers and dinners.. major nervousness starts to set in when you don’t have the perfect gift by about, oh… this weekend.. Valentine’s Day is coming fast. Pop Culture tells us that we need to have a gift in our back pocket at the ready for the special day.

Horror movie fans can take comfort that there are some special gifts for them, too.. You just have to know where to find them.

I have scoured the net over the past few days in the fleeting moments of free time I have to propose a listing of some of the better arrangements you can find for horror fans in our life..

This is perfect for an Edgar Allen Poe fan in your life.. and it’s actually quite beautiful to behold. Edgar Allen Poe Quote Printed on Recycled Vintage Dictionary Paper .. the frame is not included but you can spice it up with a visit to your favorite craft store to find something authentic looking to match the idea..

If you are not too creeped out by the prospect of a ouija board around your neck, this could be perfect. It’s a Ouija Board Necklace and it’s got 5 star ratings. But who moving it!

I love this SHINING embroidery art.. This embroidery features the word “Redrum” from one of our favourite movies, The Shining, as well as a bloody axe underneath .. and it’s hand made.

This seems very quaint and pretty.. Skeletal Flower “Anatommy” (Black and Red) ..

This is actually quite beautiful … A Long Stem 24k Dipped Gold Trim Black Rose With Gift Box.. 11-13 Inches in Length.. Nothing says love like a gold trim black rose..

Splendid Premiium milk chocolate Hollow Skulls 10.5 oz.. Really not completely crazy about it. Maybe I’d rather the Hersheys version:

and if all else fails to impress.. maybe keep it simple. A dinner. And a movie:

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