The fail Mary pass 

For any New England patriot fan last night, the ending of the Super Bowl was historic an epic. Throughout the entire game Tom Brady looked like an imp, not completing passes or simply clumsily moving the ball continuously without results or fruition. The Atlanta Falcons blew into the stadium and blew away the New England Patriots almost immediately. The game was 28 to virtually nothing and many viewers, even reportedly the president Donald Trump, tuned out.. 

Commercials were lame.. and Lady Gaga dropped from the ceiling.. 

From there, the turnaround took place. Out of nowhere Tom Brady somehow grew back into a football player and completed passes, tied the game, and in a historic overtime event, won the Super Bowl giving the Patriots yet another ring.

A few years ago I heard several interviews from an author who wrote a book about the fix being in throughout professional sports.. His argument was that most games we see have pre-predicted outcomes, they have winners already chosen behind the scenes, and marketing geniuses have done their best to make the sports look like they’re all just outcomes of good practice and skill.

Ever since I was young one of my favorite things to watch with professional wrestling. Throughout the last few years sadly my love of the sports entertainment from Vince McMahon has faded a bit with the passage of time and 20th century legends .. 

However, after looking at last nights game and reading commentary, it seems to me that Vince McMahon may learn quite a bit from the Super Bowl, how referees could make or break your game, and how to make one team look like their castrated and suddenly have the prowess of a horse. 

I will watch sports, just as I do politics, and observe and deconstruct in my mind. Sports and politics are really no different from Vince McMahon’s WWE, sometimes the outcomes may look spontaneous but the ‘smoke-filled rooms’ behind the scenes just as well could have logically chosen them beforehand.. politics and sports are the ultimate diversions from reality. 

I do not degrade anyone who is a sports fan, nor do I want to take away their love of whatever chosen game they have. But a careful look at your team and your sport of choice could draw sad results if you think what you’re watching is anything but sports entertainment. Soccer had recent scandals, baseball did too. We haven’t heard much yet about basketball and football but undoubtedly the same demons of cash exist behind the scenes as well. It’s naïve to think that the sport you love hasn’t been influenced by money and greed.

But does money and greed equal a fixed game? With time all truth comes out. In the meantime, carefully analyze last night’s Super Bowl and realize that the come from behind victory was a storybook ending to a season. 

Miracles happen.. but the chances of a storybook ending like that happening are much less statistically in the idea of a game being fixed by money men and referees behind the scenes.

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