Now the Simpsons predicted Lady Gaga halftime show!?

…let’s get this straight.. The SIMPSONS predicted that Donald Trump would be president of the United States more than 15 years ago.. it predicted, some would say, the ‘pizza gate’ scandal that briefly emerged late 2016 and into January of this year..

And now, fresh off of a successful halftime show for Lady Gaga, sleuths have gone back to 2012 and found an episode that seemingly predicted the EXACT SAME ACT that Gaga performed at the Super Bowl this past Sunday! The show was titled Lisa Goes Gaga..

No joke.. watch it yourself:


Seriously… seriously.. seriously..

The chills are within me.. the hair on my arm is rising..

In “Lisa Goes Gaga,” the entire town of Springfield is in an emotional funk — particularly young Lisa..

It just so happens, though, that Lady Gaga is traveling town to town to build tolerance and tear down those cultural walls that divide us.  She uplifts the town.

During this year’s Super Bowl, several commentators predicted (*and many of us feared*) that Lady Gaga would go political.. She didn’t do anything overt.. There may have been some veiled references to unification during the Trump Administration, but the show was fun and raucous, and detractors to be had a tough time finding much to criticize..

Just like the show, perhaps, predicted.

Are we reading too much into this??

….how many more Simpsons shows will, in this timeline, actually happen. Perhaps the producers and writers, through some reverse Mandela Effect, know the fate of this planet.
And Lisa, the woman president after Trump, has to take us from the abyss and bring about hope again…

Strange times we live in.


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