First Creepy Communion Mass with Running Water

From MY OWN Personal vault of strangeness today..

While my family and I were guests of another whose son was receiving first holy communion–a Catholic mass–my own son whispered to me that he had to use the restroom.. We quickly walked to the back of the church where the bathroom was located. When we arrived, someone was just leaving..

We quietly walked in attempting to not disrupt any of the prayer thoughts taking place way in the back of the church (where most people are anyway) … While my son was using the bathroom, the sink behind us turned on by itself. Or at least starting running cold water.. 

My 6-year-old, a bit startled, told me matter-of-factly that the person before us just forgot to turn it off.. I stopped for a brief moment, and … well.. to not cause fear, agreed with him. 

Mind you, this was a bathroom for one. A tiny little closet-ish area…

Unfortunately for logic, I turned the knob a few times on and off.. Each time realizing that when I turned it on it made a squeaking noise. The squeaking noise was the same exact noise I heard when the water turned on by itself in the first place.

….leaving the bathroom was quick.. but ever since, the thoughts of what made the water turn on has not left my mind..

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