Mandela Effect: The book form

This is a screen grab from a book featuring a sentence saying Nelson Mandela died on July 23 1991–long before his REAL death in the current timeline.

People who are familiar with the Mandela Effect will understand why this book matters.

But what is interesting: A timeline collapse appears to be happening! SO many people feel that Mandela died in the 1980s! This would create a potential third timeline scenario..

For the record, the book info:

Book Title: English Alive, 1990: writings from High Schools in Southern Africa

Authors: Kathleen Heugh, Anita Kennet

Date of Publication: 1 Oct 1991

Page No.: 54

Publisher: Claremont: Western Cape Branch of the South African Council for English Education, 1991

ISBN: 0620151862 9780620151863

OCLC Number: 123781891

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