….Unfortunately it will take a lot of time. I am not the biggest fan of very long movies. That was perhaps my only complaint about this one..

The movie seemed to be very, very long at a few points especially during dialogue..

But like a friend who has redeeming qualities beneath the boring exterior, the film lived up to expectations with every passing 70s song or reference to 1980s pop culture.

GUARDIANS OF THE GALAXY 2 was a reprieve from the daily grind. I took my son to see it last night–he is 6, and a few jokes were a bit risqué  in my opinion, and then I saw my son snickering and trying not to show me he actually understands more adult humor than I thought he did!  The audience who I saw the film with at the Pearl Theater in Frackville PA was very diverse.. there were kids, adults.. One woman next to me looked like she just came from a grueling job and she went to the film alone. We all laughed at times.. laughed quite a bit as a matter of fact.

And then we all cried. I even saw little Ayden wiping away some tears himself.. The ending sequence was epic to a degree.. sad as well.

The movie was gripping with amazing special effects. And the cast from the Guardians we have come to love continued being lovable in their special ways–like family at the Thanksgiving dinner table. We accept them.

I don’t rate movies by trade but mention those I think YOU should go see.. and this is one you should. It’s worth it. Afterwards I have a guarantee: You’ll be YouTubeing the songs from the movie.. If you have young children, you may even chuckle to yourself when they sing a one hit wonder from yesterday called Fox on the Run. 🙂

There are lots of people going to see the movie..

As of 11:44 PM last night, DEADLINE was projecting that the film was going to meet or exceed $138.8 million..Maybe even $140 mil.. I couldn’t write it better myself, so here is a snippet from DEADLINE:

In terms of social media chatter, RelishMix reports, “Convo for Guardians Of The Galaxy Vol. 2 is overwhelmingly positive and enthusiastic…And, more recent comments definitely contains spoilers from those who have sneaked into screenings. Fans are calling out Baby Groot, Drax and other characters by name — and the funny moments captured in the numerous clips shared across all social platforms. Also, fans are loving the soundtrack, and the film is gaining even more YouTube views from homemade soundtracks for Vol. 2.  Those who have seen Vol. 2 say it’s funnier and more action-packed than the first one. Fans are tagging each other and asking who’s got the tickets already.”

And for those who still doubt.. what other movie can you sing along during battle sequences and also be treated to cameos from Sly Stallone and even David Hasselhoff! No go see this movie.

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