Gratitude of the season

I recently asked people, what are you thankful for. Like, really really thankful for. Minus out family. Minus out friends.. the typical answers include the norm.. I wanted the ‘rest of the story’.. the deeper and more covert secrets that lurk behind the exterior face.

The responses I received were interesting..
One person wrote to me, “I am thankful for serving my country.” Another simply said, “I am thankful to be sober and off drugs for 11 months.” 
We are a people filled with varied personalities and multiple personalities sometimes as well. One man’s molehill is another man’s mountain. It’s all perspective..
I respect anyone’s opinion. Especially when they are honest about it, when they are true..
To be able to publicly comment about thankfulness of being drug free takes bravery and confidence. And frankly, thankfulness.
I personally am going to violate my own rule of commentary by saying this first: I am thankful for my friends and family. I am thankful to be a father and see my son grow and change daily. I am thankful for laughter. I am thankful to have a car that gets me to work. I am thankful to have the freedom to type away and have a website such as this.. 
I am thankful for fine coffee in the morning. Vegetables. I love pasta with garlic and olive oil. I am thankful that I have a phone that can listen to Clyde Lewis as I fall asleep at night and podcasts so I can listen to Jim Ross and Last Podcast on the Left. 
I am thankful I saw the second season of STRANGER THINGS. 
I am thankful for each laugh, tear, and emotion that my body feels.
But enough about me.. 
Back to you. Back to your internal secrets, deep down.. the eye ready to blink as you face forward with arms wide open: What are YOU really thankful for?
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