Jim Carrey’s latest movie is straight to video

…you can download it for $6 bucks.. But it’s also getting a 0% rating on Rotten Tomatoes.

Rent at your own risk..

John Nolte wonders what happened to Jim Carrey..

What was especially humiliating for Carrey is that later that same year, more people watched a 47-year-old rerun of a Charlton Heston movie on TV than saw Carrey’s newest movie.
Nevertheless, who would have ever guessed that Jim Carrey’s career could hit such a rock bottom, that a new Jim Carrey movie would be dumped into the direct-to-video bin, that the distributors would not even try to four-wall it somewhere to build buzz. But, you see, in order to do that, your star still has to be able to attract some kind of audience.
Sadly, those days are almost certainly over. On top of losing his edge and his audience, Carrey has devolved into a partisan and bitter scold, a mean-spirited jerk reduced to using what looks like crayons to scribble his daily dose of hate.
At age 76, Heston was still acting in movies directed by Oliver Stone, Tim Burton, Warren Beatty, and Michael Bay.

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