The beauty of SOMEWHERE IN TIME: Bigfoot as viewed in the 90s

Yes, Art Bell is dead.. and Yes, suddenly Keith Rowland and Heather Wade are continuing their very public fight even in the post-mortem world of Bell..

Thankfully fans still have somewhere in time.

And tomorrow on COAST TO COAST AM’s special SIT Saturday broadcast, this:

Somewhere in Time travels back to April 16, 1996, for a night of Open Lines with weird and bizarre stories – including a call from a man who says he killed multiple Bigfoot in 1973

I recall this show.. I was just a kid, and I remember distinctly sneaking out of my bedroom to listen to the radio as my father listened to it in the kitchen of the house.. It perked me ears up and created a fascination from that point on with Art Bell…

Speaking of that latest quip between ROWLAND and WADE: Earlier this week Rowland made a public comment lambasting a radio broadcaster playing reruns of MIDNIGHT IN THE DESERT.. He said that Heather Wade will never come back. In the mean time a very public debate plays out on Wade’s Facebook page..
I will always be humbled knowing that Art Bell himself copied and pasted the HORROR REPORT onto his Facebook feed only days before his death.. I am humbled to know he read my site and appreciated it.. And we, all of his fans, miss him greatly..
At least we have Somewhere in Time……
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