M. Night Shyamalan was approached by Marvel and DC Comics.. and he said no!

M. Night Shyamalan was approached by Marvel and DC Comics to potentially deliver a story featuring their characters, but he is revealing that he felt as though he would be denied creative control on those universes, making him pass on those offers..’

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“I want to make sure it’s right for everybody. I have a strong [filmmaking] accent. It’s very particular, and the best version of it is, to keep the accent,” Shyamalan shared with Yahoo when asked if he would apply his perspective to Marvel or DC. “Are those movies [Marvel and DC superhero films] a place for that? Or is it appropriate for that?” 

“Because they, in and of themselves, have their own flavor. Do they want this other Tabasco in there? So it’s philosophically a question. It doesn’t mean [I’ll] never [do it], but it’s very hard to imagine. Filmmakers that have a heavy accent – I don’t necessarily want them to make those movies.” 

“It’s not fair to [studios], because they want to make [their films] in a certain language,” the filmmaker pointed out. “And what if I said ‘Hey, I’m going to do this three-minute shot on the back of his head, and I also want to make them very dark, and I want his motivation to be really ambiguous, and I want to challenge the audience to make them super-uncomfortable.’ I want [the studio] to be OK with those things.”

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