Ted Bundy’s eyes grew darker as he talked about his crimes

Ted Bundy’s own blood-curdling words is being heard in a new docu-series released by Netflix

Something else of particular creepiness: One of the experts tells the camera: “He had really blue eyes and when he really got going his eyes went absolutely black.”

The documentary features previously unheard audio of interviews with Bundy when he was on death row in Florida… The “blue” to black eye quote was used in trailers for the show and is featured… It adds an extra layer or paranormal to the already “SPLIT” like personality of Bundy..

The four-episode documentary looks at his killings and has become the newest NETFLIX rage..

He was convicted and confessed to murdering more than 30 women in the 1970s..

A few other weird things about Bundy:

Bundy worked for a suicide hotline in Seattle. His coworkers, including author Ann Rule, remember him as a skilled volunteer who helped ease troubled callers and saved lives..

There have been claims made by Bundy’s family that Bundy might have been fathered by his mother’s abusive father, Samuel Cowell..

It is believed that Ted was exposed to his grandfather’s collection of pornography as a young child, which some believe may have sparked his utter fascination and preoccupation with pornography and violent sex…

There is some evidence suggests that he abducted and killed 8-year-old Ann Marie Burr of Tacoma in 1961 when he was 14, an allegation he denied repeatedly. However, there is a bone chilling story about Ted, while he was staying with one of his aunts. That while she was sleeping, he placed several butcher knives under the covers in the bed next to her. When she woke up and discovered the knives, young Ted could not stop laughing…

Bundy died in the Raiford electric chair at 7:16 a.m. EST on January 24, 1989; he was 42 years old. Hundreds of revelers—including 20 off-duty police officers, by one account—sang, danced and set off fireworks in a pasture across the street from the prison as the execution was carried out, then cheered loudly as the white hearse containing his corpse departed the prison..His body was cremated in Gainesville, and his ashes scattered at an undisclosed location in the Cascade Range of Washington State, in accordance with his will.

During Bundy’s time at college in 1967, he became romantically involved with Stephanie Brooks, but she ended their relationship due to his “lack of ambition” and “immaturity. All of Bundy’s victims are believed to look similar to Stephanie, as they all were white females between the age of 15 to 25..

In PROJECT CAIN and CAIN’S BLOOD, I got to research serial killers, cloning, military science, post-traumatic stress disorder, the genetics of violence, and crime. Interesting topics. Did I get everything right? Doubtful. Difficult to do when even something as basic as Ted Bundy’s eye color becomes arguable. “Blue” says one report, “Brown” claims another witness. “Green,” Bundy replies himself in the court transcript. “They change color depending on the light,” says a reporter following the case. They change color??!! The FBI said blue, so I went with that. The FBI was a good-enough source for me. Might someone who knew Bundy have a better/different fact? Maybe. But I had two books to write and couldn’t spend the next four years of my life deciding what Bundy’s eye color was.

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