Theaters will reopen with NEW MUTANTS

That seems appropriate, right? So many movie chains closed due to COVID.. but on August 28, it appears that anti social distancing will take place and NEW MUTANTS will be alive and well in safe theaters across the nation.

Unless something else changes. In 2020 anything is possible.

20TH CENTURY released a ‘meet the cast’ of the NEW MUTANTS:

Some have joked online that by the time NEW MUTANTS would be released they would be old mutants.

But it seems like the date may finally give us the film?

Showtimes have been listed for Dolby and Cinemark theaters.. Marcus Theaters are showing movies at 30% capacity and distanced seating with masks required.

AMC and REGAL are going to also be opening some theaters this week .. Of course we will see if there is a ‘FIELD OF DREAMS’ response (if you reopen.. they will come..)

In its latest survey on US adults’ comfort level with certain activities, conducted Friday to Monday, Morning Consult found that most respondents were more comfortable with other activities like going out to eat or going to a shopping mall. Morning Consult surveyed 2,200 US adults, and just 17% said they would be comfortable going to the movies immediately, a dip from about 20% earlier this month.

NEW MUTANTS may change that for some fans who have eagerly anticipated the film for —-years.

And remember: The initial teaser for this film came out 3 YEARS AGO.

After all that time.. they seem to be ready to finally arrive..;

What if the strike ends and no one cares?
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