The gray dull days of October

There is something visceral about the warmth of September and the brutal chill of October. October‘s weather isn’t yet wintry in nature, but the hints and reminders are there but a darker time is coming.

We go from those hot days and comfortable nights of September, with the bright sunshine allowing us to bask in that pretend the feeling that it’s still summer.

But then winter starts to creep in, slowly at first. Leaves change, a few changes occur at the landscape level. Then your body begins to feel those differences, and your immune system struggles to adapt to its newfound life without sun..

Suddenly the bright ball of light in the sky becomes a memory, deemed by the cloudy dull nature of the skies of late October. Sure, it’s fitting for the time frame were in, the season of the witch and all that hallows on the eve.

But it still comes as a great and remarkable shock to the soul which worships that son God. And has since the conception of time.