The coroanvirus is hitting retailers hard… but store Santas still persist behind face shield and plastic barriers in 2020.

According to a new NHS ad in the UK, the Real Kris Kringle ain’t doing as well!

He is dying of COVID, the ad displays!

Some are outraged at the shock footage, with kids across the UK becoming freaked seeing St. Nick succumbing to the fate of the pandemic..


Entitled “The Gift,” the British ad shows medical staff giving Santa oxygen while being transported to a medical ward as one nurse asks, “Is he responding?”

But thankfully the dying Santa lives to fly another day!

The commercial cuts to Santa waking up before he is slowly rehabilitated and subsequently receives a get well soon card from Rudolph the red nosed reindeer. After passing some children, Santa is then seen responding to letters from hopeful kids.

The final portion of the ad, a nurse who cared for him receives a gift with a note that reads: “Thank you for everything you’ve done for all of us”. It is signed “Santa” and the nurse realized who she was caring for while he was in hospital.

This from the UK SUN:

Concerned parents have blasted the ad as “insensitive” as several feared that young viewers would think Santa was dying.

“Disgusting idea that targets the fears of the very young. Massive own goal.”

Another Twitter user blasted the advert as a ‘miscalculation’ writing: “This is disgusting. Don’t children have enough to worry about at the moment?

“How many children are going to be brought to tears thinking Santa is going to die?”

Christmas 2020..

Santa lives.
Santa will always be no matter with the NHS says.

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