May day! Global COVID cases surging

While many in America have moved beyond the 2020 nightmare of COVID-19, others are warning that despite vaccines we all should be concerned about variants sweeping the globe..

This collection of news links signifies various stories making global headlines.. from US vaccine rates surging past 100 million Americans to India and Brazil being crippled by new waves..

Vaccinated Americans hits one hundred million.. Cases fall in the US but surge in the rest of the world..

Crisis in India.. 400,000 daily cases..

But just as Americans think it’s over.. A new surge in Oregon is making younger people sick..

India wave worsens as politicians deny pain..

The horrible situation in Brazil calming — slightly..

UK study says 500 with COVID vaccines ended up being admitted into the hospital with COVID

Claim: Model suggests fully vaccinated will suffer greatly in a new COVID wave..
Experts say that higher death rates among fully vaccinated are misleading stats..

Woman’s family concerned after she dies following second dose of Moderna..

Indian scientists flag virus mutations that could ‘evade immune response’…

Crisis Shakes Modi Image of Strength…


Australian citizens face jail if return home!

UK long hauler still suffering with COVID symptoms is vomiting daily and lungs are destroyed..

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Some in the world have begun to speak about the new COVID waves with a new name: COVID-21.. The strain, the ECONOMIST article linked goes on to say, feels different.. worse.. like a new chapter in some ungodly horror novel has been started..