The headphones that can read your mind!

Media is calling it “brain reading head phones.”

But the technology sure is.. brainreading ish..

According to the biggest selling points of Enten, the company that created the product: The head phones know when you are listening actively or distracted.. if you become distracted, they boast, the music will increase in volume to regain your attention…

There are sensors in each ear pad which detect the electrical signals in the brain, so it can send the data back via bluetooth to a smartphone app.

They can turn your smartphone notifications off too, in order to “minimise distractions” when someone is “in the zone”.

The brain-computer interface headphones have been developed by American firm Neurable.

Users will be told when they are in need of a break and what times of the day they seem to be most productive.

Dr Ramses Alcaide, the company’s founder, said its research shows people only have two to three hours of high productivity in their day.

He wrote in a blog post: “Enten lets you know how and when that happens so you can maximize your time without overextending your brain.

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Technology that can read your mind and emotion…

None of this is becoming creepy.. just normal..

But do you ever get the sense that technology has been reading your mind for years already?

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