This week: A Very Donnie Darko moment ?

An out-of-control spent rocket launched by China in recent days is racing back towards Earth and what’s left of it is expected to impact Earth at some point in the coming days.

Nearly on the one year anniversary of a similar event that unfolded last year on May 11 by the identical rocket type, the U.S. government is once again monitoring the skies for the potential impact of this space junk.

Because it is out of control and moving erratically, experts aren’t sure exactly where it will land until an hour or two before it does; because it’s moving at speeds of over 15,000 mph, it may be too late to warn people of the impending impact zone.


The mystery over where it will land is increasingly concerning, but take it with a grain of salt. After all, scientist believe most of the parts will burn up in the atmosphere prior to any impact with the crust of the planet.

That’s the good news, but on the other flipside there are possibilities that little tiny pieces will fall down and rain from the sky. Well the sky may not necessarily be falling, we all want to avoid that strange Donnie Darko moment.