2021 gets wild!! Where will the Chinese Rocket fall!?

Here is what we know: An out-of-control spent rocket originally launched by China  on April 29  is racing back towards Earth and what’s left of it is expected to impact Earth on May 10.

Here is what we do not know: Where it will hit.

Forecasts show if an impact were to occur in the United States, the eastern U.S. would have the highest odds of seeing impact. Chicago, Buffalo, New York City, Boston, Philadelphia, Dover, Atlantic City, Richmond, Gainesville, and  Jacksonville are among the eastern U.S. cities the rocket is expected to pass over and perhaps crash into..

World governments are watching closely.

BUT… with re-entry speeds of over 15,000 mph, it may be too late to warn people of the impending impact zone when someone actually knows where it will strike…

Developing soon…..sooner rather than later.

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