The Power of Scalpers beats the Power of Grayskull

It is getting frustrating for a HE-MAN fan to find the new 2020 and 2021 toy lines..

Did Mattel falter in making the action figures?
Did scalpers strike in their finest fashion?

Either way it is clear: You can hardly find HE-MAN toys anywhere!!

There are two schools of thought..
1) The company just did not make enough. Walmart was alone in selling, and all you can find was He-Man and Skeletor with a random Man-At-Arms thrown in for the mix.. but the rest off the line, regardless of the wave, was hard to find. Impossible in most places.

Facebook pages have popped up informing fans where some of the newer figures and items have been located nationwide.

2) Scalpers and adult collectors have ruined things for kids.

Yes. Scalpers online have been selling action figures for dozens of dollars above what stores have them for.. And that just plain sucks.

I remember as a kid, with family driving me to the local mall and me being hopeful of finding the newest action figure I wanted. I always lucked out, thankfully.. But if there were new He-Man fans in the younger age bracket trying to find action figures, they are completely out of luck in our modern age.

You just cannot find them…

Plain and simple.

And for any newcomer to the fold, that just is terrible. Dreams of new toys are dashed.

Instead you have to go to eBay to find the $80 figure…