But can they just get rid of pit stains? Now coming: A smart shirt to aid your smart ear phones

The other day the HORROR REPORT and other sources talked about ear phones that can raise volume when it thinks you need it. You can read that here: https://www.horrorreport.com/2021/05/the-headphones-that-can-read-your-mind/

Now another product is conveniently press releasing itself into the news!

Nextiles, a National Science Foundation-backed textile company, wants to weave FitBit-like tech into textiles. It’s the latest addition to an evolving list of efforts to revolutionize the clothing we wear..

That sounds awfully nice to wear at the same time as your ear phones. Imagine a shirt that tells you to get up more and ear phones that raise the volume to inspire such actions!

Pretty soon your brain will just be able to fully shut own while technology lives your life for you.

Here is what is being press released.. err… reported: The Brooklyn-based start-up last week launched its patented “smart fabric” — a machine-washable material with built-in circuitry — as a new way to capture biometric data.

“My whole goal was to make your everyday threads a smart factor in your wearables,” said George Sun, Nextiles’ chief executive and a former executive at the sportswear designer Puma. “Rather than strapping a computer chip to your body, we can sew these circuitries directly into a sleeve, shirt and pants.”..

If David Letterman was still on TV, he’d be asking can we ‘turn your smart pants into shorts, please?’