worked better in 2001 than it does in 2021?

Tens of thousands of people reported outages from Boston to New York to Washington and locations in between, according to, a website that tracks complaints about service disruptions. 

People also reported outages on several other services, including Gmail, Zoom and Slack as well.Verizon acknowledged the disruption to its service, although it didn’t say whether problems with Fios were the root cause of customers’ unreliable access to various internet services. Google (GOOGL), Slack and Zoom did not report any outages.“We are aware of an issue impacting the quality of Fios service throughout the Northeast corridor,” said Rich Young, spokesman for Verizon. “Our network team is fully engaged. We are working through the root cause and have already seen service levels start to restore.”

The US Federal Communications Commission said it was investigating the outage.“We have seen reports of internet-related outages on the East Coast, making it difficult for people to work remotely and go to school online,” said Acting FCC Chairwoman Jessica Rosenworcel in a tweet. “The FCC Public Safety and Homeland Security Bureau is working to get to the bottom of what is going on.”close dialogWe read all day so you don’t have to.Get our nightly newsletter for all the top business stories you need to know.Sign Me UpBy subscribing you agree to ourprivacy policy.

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