Papa Bear don’t preach

The longest debated (and maybe original) Mandela Effect is back again!

In a very popular 1980s nostalgia Facebook page, a posting showed an image that may or may not be real showed up. It is a stuffed animal of Papa Bear from the Berenstein or Stein Bears. Depending on your place in the universe, YOU CHOOSE!

The bigger copyrighted logo shows the title: “THE BERENSTAIN BEARS.”

The little letters show the Berenstein Papa Bear as the name of the 13inch animal.

So what do you own!?

THE OLD WORLD pre-Mandela Effect bear.. or the new 21st century version that ditched all old world spellings!?

For those who are not aware, this is the longest running and most famous Mandela Effect going.. the idea that somehow somewhere along the way the name “Berenstein” changed to “Berenstain” occurred.

Some call it disambiguation.. false memories. Others label it as as real as the past they recall.. a moment in time when books said something different than they do now and King Henry ate a turkey leg in history text books.

Those were the days.

And if this little bear being passed around on Facebook is real, you can tuck yourself to sleep at night knowing that all is well in the old world of the Berenstein bears.