Trump card: The walls come tumbling down

The minority Republicans lost their argument yesterday.. they said the Senate should not be permitted to go through with an impeachment proceeding against a former president.. A dangerous precedent they argued.. The attorneys for Donald Trump–presumably these are being paid at this point–etched out a terrible argument. So bad, many sources told the media, that Trump was left fuming in Florida. Angry and loudly screaming at his television set..

It must have felt just like the old Oval Office days again, as that is what many said occurred regularly during mundane meetings or staff briefings..

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The Washington POST has reporters portraying what the situation is like in sunny Florida.. Ashley Parker and Josh Dawsey write,

Ensconced in his private Mar-a-Lago Club in Palm Beach, Fla., the former president has spent his days golfing. He has rolled through his phone, calling old friends and allies simply to check in. He has dined on the patio of his lush retreat, often accompanied by a coterie of political aides still on his payroll.

And, as Congress on Tuesday took up a second Senate trial for Trump almost exactly a year after his first, Trump has remained sanguine that an evenly divided Senate will acquit him of charges of inciting an insurrection – despite his egging on of an angry crowd that attacked the Capitol on Jan. 6.

Yet despite his overall confidence, Tuesday’s opening arguments did not unfold as Trump or his allies had hoped. Trump was especially disappointed in the performance of his lawyer Bruce Castor, who gave a rambling argument, wore an ill-fitting suit and at one point praised the case presented by the Democratic House impeachment managers, two people involved in the effort said. The former president – monitoring the trial on television from Florida – had expected a swashbuckling lawyer and instead watched what was a confusing and disjointed performance.

The Democrats opened Impeachment II up with a video comprised of known footage of the Capitol insurrection, along with never before seen clips showcasing the brutality that police were victims of that day, along with several Trump fans who would presumably ‘back the blue’ calling police “pigs” and other derisive expletives.

The footage plays out almost like the plot of a horror film.

It was like the world witnessed and lived through a real life PURGE film..

A video showing events from the Jan. 6, 2020 Capitol riot was produced by the U.S. House Democratic impeachment managers for their case against former President Donald Trump. The video was played at the beginning of the Senate impeachment trial of Trump on Tuesday, Feb. 9, 2020.

Meanwhile, as the messy defense book ends what was a messy four years of American life, Senate Republicans are left with a vote of their own conscience.. Their own morals. Their own futures..

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