The vaccine rush has left Johnson and Johnson grasping for air.. Pfizer’s profits have been wide.. In just the first four months of vaccines being administered, the company reportedly earned $3.5 billion with a B .. it is expected to have close to $30 bil in profits in 2021!

The roaring 20s for the roarings Pharms..

Meanwhile Pfizer will be heading to the federal government to get full final approval of its arm jabs, with the goal in mind of having the age 2 to 12 bracket in getting vaccinated in September for the 21/22 school year.

Pfizer is the first coronavirus vaccine maker in the U.S. to request full approval. Like Pfizer, the Moderna and Johnson & Johnson vaccines had been previously cleared for use under the agency’s emergency use authorization — a less rigorous approval method to aid a swifter response to the pandemic.

An FDA approval for a vaccine means the agency has decided that its benefits outweigh the known risks following a review of the manufacturer’s testing results.

If granted, Pfizer’s full stamp of approval would only apply to the vaccine for people who are 16 and older. Meanwhile, the vaccine maker is seeking emergency use authorization for its COVID-19 vaccine to include children between 12 and 15.

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The kids aren’t alright

Pfizer said it will seek emergency authorization for the COVID vaccine for kids ages 2-11 in September, The New York Times reported .. The news comes as the the FDA is expected to authorize the Pfizer vaccine for kids 12-15 in the next week, sources have said. In March, the pharmaceutical giant began testing the vaccine on kids aged 6 months to 11 years old.

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The other implication, Dr. Avula said, was possible governmental mandating of the vaccine. “When we’ve tackled this question over the last few months, it wasn’t even a consideration because the government couldn’t mandate a vaccine that was under EUA, Emergency Use Authorization. Now that we, you know, may be seeing this move to full licensure in a few months — that does open up the possibility,” said Dr. Avula.


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