The Pre-Christmas 2001 Art Bell show revisited

Tonight, courtesy of the Premiere Radio Network, Coast to Coast AM is airing a “Somewhere in time” with Art Bell that takes us back to just about 20 years ago tonight: December 18, 2001..

Whitley Strieber was first to talk about the COMING GLOBAL SUPERSTORM, but then freaky Christmastime ghosts took over afterwards for the duration of the show .. Brendan Cook and Barbara McBeth shared their EVP recordings..

Cook and McBeth were guests so often–but for some reason this exact show sticks out in my memory..

I recall that night I was listening to it, the Christmas season after 9/11.. we were all freaked out by the mass death that occurred just months prior. Twenty years later the mass death of a virus has far exceed that which occurred in 2001…

Also I think–just a fading memory–that I listened to this Art Bell show partially on the car radio coming home from a bar or bowling that night and finishing up at home …

And I recall listening until the sun came up…

20 years ago.
So many years ago, but seemingly like just yesterday.

One of the most amazing parts about Art airing the ghost EVPs is that they were credible –at least on his show– and his reactions were just as all of ours would have been. What were these voices in the night, in the darkness. Did these strange voices mean anything? Were they from beyond.. are they stuck here? Art seemed to get so freaked out during these EVP sessions. 20 years later as we listen here at Horror Report central, we are confronted with the same chills that we had that very night December 2001…

On a personal note, so much changes in 20 years. My mom, now deceased for only weeks, was alive then. We were preparing for Christmas with family that were young and now old, and those who exist now did not then. Our national crisis of 9/11 then is a global pandemic of COVID in ’21..

Twas the best of times. And the worst of times.

And Art Bell listening to a child’s EVP saying “stay with me” in the darkness of the night is as scary in 2021 as it was in 2001..

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