The war on Krampus in Leavenworth Washington


The real war on Christmas is the war on Krampus!?

Here is what we know..  A Facebook posting by a Leavenworth restaurant co-owner has escalated into two religion-advocacy groups warning of the “erasure of Christmas customs” and the bringing of “demonic influences” into the tourist town’s annual holiday festivities..

Costumed members of Krampus Seattle tour Leavenworth on Dec. 4. The Family Policy Institute of Washington took umbrage at the Krampus appearance, calling them “demonic horned half-goat cosplayers.” (Courtesy of Krampus Seattle)

MORE from the iconic town..

Charge No. 1: The Leavenworth Chamber of Commerce took the word “Christmas” out of the name for its famous holiday festival. The “Christmas Lighting Festival” was rebranded “Village of Lights,” the term commonly used on travel sites and news stories about the event, although the chamber had its official name as “Village of Lights: Christmastown.”

Charge No. 2: On Dec. 4, on opening weekend of monthlong Christmas festivities, the town welcomed members of Krampus Seattle. They danced and paraded in their hairy, horned costumes inspired by the mythical Bavarian creature that’s half-demon, half-goat and that punishes those who misbehave at Christmas. The local chamber of commerce even promoted a “Krampus Drink Crawl.”

According to the Lynnwood-based Family Policy Institute of Washington, headed by Mark Miloscia, conservative former state senator from Federal Way: “At an event that is supposed [to] honor the birth of Jesus Christ, town officials have chosen to include demonic influences … These attacks on Christianity are becoming the norm throughout the country.”


“What is the unbelievable to me is that Christmas Town USA has decided to replace a family friendly ‘Christmas Lighting’ to celebrate the ‘Village of Lights.’ And this week the Chamber had the audacity/naivety/stupidity to kick off this non-holiday by inviting Krampus Seattle, a group of demonic horned half-goat cosplayers to give speeches at our pavilion and pub crawl throughout the downtown terrifying our children.”

The Seattle TIMES has the full rest of the story…

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