Darkness Dave updates fans

The great paranormal radio host of Darkness Radio, Dave Schrader, opened up during a blunt Facebook live last night.

Schrader has gone missing, and has also posted some mysterious words through social media over the past several weeks.

Darkness Dave said that he, like most other people, are dealing with high anxiety and even depression from the previous two years of our pandemic world.

During the Facebook live, Schrader mentioned that his longtime friend Tim Dennis and he are not as friendly as they once were. Well they have a professional relationship and Dennis will be taking over the hosting duties on the radio program, Schrader said he is stepping back from it at this point.

Schrader left open the door for a potential podcasting or radio hosting in the future. It also seems that he is amped up to continue his work in the paranormal world in some way..

There is one thing that Schrader has bragging rights to. He has been with Darkness Radio for 16 years, but beyond that he is the only radio host to have this under his belt: Art Bell and Schrader are the only two people to be able to say that they hosted both Coast to Coast AM and Midnight in the Desert!

As for the future, it seems that it’s all just always developing..