Sources have reportedly told TMZ the singer cancelled a business dinner earlier this week after becoming seriously ill with Covid…

According to TMZ, the 74 year old singer was working on a new show .. had to abruptly cancel after COVID struck.. his condition quickly worsened. TMZ reports more:

Our sources say Meat Loaf has been outspoken about COVID, railing with folks in Australia recently about vaccine mandates. We do not know if he was vaccinated.

Greene added that Meat Loaf’s wife and 2 daughters were by his side when he passed away.

Despite the cause of death, Marvin Lee Aday was one of the most prolific rock stars of the 20th century and his music remains timeless and transcends generations.

Few have created the rock ballad with such power..

Concerning his name “Meatloaf,” the story goes that his football coach named him Meat Loaf because of his weight. His first band was called Meat Loaf Soul… According to his bio, Meatloaf actually was a vegetarian from 1981 to 1992. In 2019, he tried becoming a vegan..


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