The millennium nostalgia

In random late night searching through sleepless hours, we came across an interesting video on YouTube.

In this CNN footage from December 31, 1999, we see then President Bill Clinton giving the final address to the nation of the 20th century before the dawning of a new millennium at midnight.

What’s poignant about this video is the hope that’s included with his speech, the true joy of what profound changes would lie ahead during the 21st century is apparent..

What an amazing time it was to be alive, and what a hopeful time it was to watch the clock strike midnight that day.

Of course there were some preppers who were hunkered down in bunkers with canned soup and dried noodles, I wonder now 22 years later if they have reinvigorated and spruced up their bunkers with new carpeting in the face of the coronavirus pandemic?

But just listening to the presidents words followed seconds later by 2 million revelers in Times Square welcoming the 21st century and fireworks going off in our nations capital is both nostalgic and depressing at the same time.

So far the 21st-century hasn’t been entirely awful, there are some amazing achievements and advancements of civilization. But there was also the dreadful election of the year 2000. Division. 9/11. The Iraq and Afghanistan wars. Financial corruption. A burst of new bigotry and racism. And the new hundred year pandemic.. and quite frankly at times what appears to be the fast motion death of freedom not only across the planet but in the home of freedom of self, United States..

Maybe it’s not all bad, are we just being a Debbie downer again?

But that video, that old video. It reminds us of a time that really existed, I have nostalgia for that exact moment. I remember where I was, I just got home from work at a restaurant in time to watch the midnight hour on TV..

And now as we begin a new 2022, it’s time to take back the reins from this cycle of insanity that we have been on. Make this new year ours, and just let’s make it better.

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