How close is the world to a nuclear accident or purposeful launch?

While this is a UK tabloid source it is presenting valid information that resulted from an interview..

Russian official said that a nuke should be launched at the United States as a ‘message’ and even if it killed 10,000 people the US would not respond..

The story comes from the DAILY STAR..

Fyodorov, in an interview translated by MEMRI TV, said: “Until there is a physical demonstration of (Moscow’s) determination, America will perceive the positions of Russia and (Putin) as a bluff. “So they need a demonstration. The most convincing demonstration would be the physical destruction of America’s Defence Department facilities. I’m talking about facilities, which international law grants us the right to destroy.”

You can read the article in full here ..

Not trying to be alarmist.. but seriously folks how close are we and what ‘Cuban missile’ type crises are occurring right now without our knowledge in the public eye?

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