Drink before the war

Interesting night. I guess we don’t have much longer until World War 3 begins. Some news stations have picked up the story of a new Indian astrologer, who’s being called a modern Nostradamus.

He apparently predicts that World War 3 will begin tomorrow.

Just when you get ready to laugh that off, you see a headline that Russian President Vladimir Putin is visiting North Korea tomorrow.

This visit is causing quite a stir in the international community. North Korea, known for its secretive regime and nuclear ambitions, has long been a point of contention in global politics. Russia’s relationship with North Korea has always been complex, marked by strategic alliances and mutual interests. The timing of Putin’s visit, coinciding with the astrologer’s dire prediction, adds an eerie twist to the unfolding events. Many experts are speculating about the implications of this meeting, considering the already heightened tensions on the global stage.