It’s been a while.. but the strange and quick moving monolith has reemerged. You may recall stories about monoliths gained some notoriety during the stay at home days of COVID in 2020..

Now one has appeared again in Utah! And it is actually quite beautiful considering the design.

While some are worrying that the current nationwide heat wave will create some issues with those trying to find it in the hot landscape, others are saying on social media is worth the sweat drenched and water reduced trek..

All of that now doesn’t matter.. due to safety concerns, police have destroyed it

MYSTERIOUS MONOLITH UPDATE:  A lot of you have asked about the mysterious monolith that was recently spotted north of Las Vegas. Yesterday afternoon, we assisted with the removal of the item due to public safety and environmental concerns.  — LVMPD (@LVMPD) June 21, 2024

Las Vegas police said on X that members of its search and rescue unit found the otherworldly object over the weekend near Gass Peak, part of the vast Desert National Wildlife Refuge where bighorn sheep and desert tortoises can be found roaming. At 6,937 feet (2,114 meters), it is among the highest peaks in the area north of Las Vegas.

After the removal, police went on to say that the structure is being stored at an undisclosed location while public authorities determine the most appropriate way to dispose/store the item. It is 77” tall and each face is 13” wide. It was made out of reflective sheet metal folded into a triangle and secured with rebar and concrete.

Police posted socially that it remains unknown how the item got to its location or who might be responsible. At this time, there is no LVMPD investigation into the object or the circumstances surrounding its existence…