A mini-lith monolith appears

Utah. Romania. California.. and now a mini version of the new worldwide sensation of appearing monoliths is at Joe’s Candy Shop in Pittsburgh PA. This one appears much smaller, and much less stable. Just slightly attached to the pavement in the business district.. But this one was planned! Capitalizing on the intrigue surrounding the other … Read moreA mini-lith monolith appears

Monolith watch 2020: California

Utah.. Romania .. And now California .. This is the year of the mysterious monolith ! Another mysterious metal monolith has appeared in the US, this time atop a mountainin California, a week after a similar structure was discovered in the deserts of Utah. The structure was spotted on Wednesday outside the small town of Atascadero, San Luis Obispo County, in central … Read moreMonolith watch 2020: California