Monolith watch 2020: California


Romania ..

And now California ..

This is the year of the mysterious monolith !

Another mysterious metal monolith has appeared in the US, this time atop a mountainin California, a week after a similar structure was discovered in the deserts of Utah.

The structure was spotted on Wednesday outside the small town of Atascadero, San Luis Obispo County, in central California.

According to local newspaper Atascadero News, the monolith was spotted on Wednesday at the top of Pine Mountain. Several people have already rushed to the site to see the mysterious structure and take photos with it. 

The report said the structure appeared to be made of stainless steel, 10-feet tall and 18 inches wide and weighing about 200 pounds.

Dozen of local hikers made the trek to the top of the mountain in Atascadero to snap a photo with the pillar, which mysteriously showed up on Wednesday.

Reports indicate that the new California mystery monolith is the same shape and size as the one in Utah and Romania ..


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