Former Japanese prime minister Shinzu Abe at assassinated

Once a more common event, assassinations in Japan have been few and far between over the previous two decades.

That changed yesterday when a bullet pierced the former Prime Minister, from an assassin who created the homemade gun.

  • Former Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe has died age 67 after being shot during a speech on Friday in Nara, Japan, doctors who were treating him have confirmed.
  • Abe died from excessive bleeding and the bullet that killed him was “deep enough to reach his heart,” doctors at Nara Medical University said in a news conference. Two shots can be heard in video footage of the assassination.
  • Police have arrested a man in his 40s in connection with the shooting and retrieved what appeared to be a homemade gun, public broadcaster NHK reported.
  • Abe was the longest-serving Japanese Prime Minister in history. He stepped down as leader in 2020, citing health reasons.


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