America’s stonehenge is gone: The Georgia Guidestones and the mysterious person who paid for them

Conspiracy theorists have abounded about the Georgia Guidestones.. or recoiled, depending on your point of view.

Today, after some form of attack, they appear to be history..

We reported earlier that officials are investigating an explosion at the famed conspiracy site..

Tonight, the Guidestones are being demolished..

Tonight all of it is gone..

Over the years, multiple theories have been stated about the location..

A newspaper article that dates back to 1989 explains some origins..

A brief history of the #GeorgiaGuidestones and the mysterious person who paid for them to be erected in the first place..

We know this from the account..

In 1979, a mysterious “Mr Christian” paid six figures to build the guidestones…

The chairman of the board of the Elberton Granite Finishing Company and mayor of Elberton recalled that he was skeptical of the project but agreed to it eventually.

From that point he monuments were erected.

It appears that the guidestones were meant to ‘restart’ the world clock in case the planet was obliterated by a nuclear holocaust.

They were controversial from the onset.. And now, after some type of attack and demolishing, they are no more.