Winnie the Pooh’s blood and honey really exists

Many out there doubted it was real! It is.

Just when many of you thought it was just a joke, here is the proof that Winnie the Pooh has gone horror..


Now that the character is in the public domain, it is fair game. First snatched for a horror flick, and most likely a Oscar worthy performance but all involved! Sarcasm, there, sarcasm..

The IMDb synopsis reads:

‘It follows Pooh and Piglet as they go on a rampage after Christopher Robin abandons them.’

While horror imitates life and sometimes the opposite, we have fallen into the camp of ‘prude’ on Pooh as a slasher..

There was a comment on Slasher Trash’s Facebook page about this movie that we wholeheartedly agree with:

I love winnie the pooh as in the mind of a child in childhood i loved him ,why have they got to spoil it by bloody gore and take the memory of something beautiful, and turn it into evil that will only childs minds into even more .bloody aggression and violence to influence them in worse things that. lets keep are children in the world of kindness loving and morals,lets keep children precious mind in loving light world and not drag them into the darkness of horror