Welcome in October with the most Octoberist movie scene of all

And it is from HALLOWEEN 3 no less!

Welcome to October…

And just to think.. this Halloweeniest of all scenes comes to us courtesy of the most discredited Halloween movie of all time, Halloween 3!

It’s time to re-kindle that appreciation of that movie.

Especially the scene like this.. it just has a melancholy nostalgic feel that brings back the rush of childhood emotions, doesn’t it?

That backdrop.. that city in the distance.. that silhouette of horror.

That chill is in the air, at least if you’re in areas prone to such chill. And with it comes those surreal and deep sunsets, quite like one we saw just the other day in Horror Report home base:

This month, with any sunset that penetrates the land, you can add in a silhouette of a witch and you’ll have this magical scene from Halloween 3!