Didn’t we just do this?

No .. seriously.. didn’t we just have a 2021 year in review?
Actually wasn’t it the 2020?

All of this is just blurring together in a sea of madness and confusion! The months add up fasters than days at times. Even those longer moments of your existence seem to just fly by in a blaze of glory. Or an inglorious bastard..

2022 is fascinating in the way it transpired.. it was labeled with hope and but was buttoned up in the end with confusion. There was little purpose or theme to the meandering of time.

After all, let’s consider it.. In 2020 when the ‘world changed’ we knew how it did. FOR THE WORSE.. shutdowns and pandemic fears became so viral than the virus itself stopped being scary, but our behavior and responses to it and each other became even more dangerous..

2021’s new ‘story’ was about hope and change–the year began with that riot at the Capitol and continued with vaccine fever: The only way to get back to normal, we were told, was to be jabbed. And rejabbed. And post-jabbed.

So in 2022 things were meant to be alright, right?
The kids.. the adults. We were all supposed to be alright.
But nothing seems alright.

As a matter of fact, the economy just seems shaky. Inflation is beyond anything we have seen–people can argue about whether it is corporate greed or government overreach. Either way it hurts. And COVID? Yea.. that’s back. In case you did not notice, it appears the triple boosted just can’t stop catching it. None of it was supposed to be like this, right?

Meanwhile nuclear Armageddon seems like, with a chance of meatballs.

THIS is our 2022 reality. Just a sea of high strangeness in the middle of multiple stretches of lands of confusion.

We may have made it through. But many of us may be better off asking for a refund..