And there was a LOT of both!!

The biggest news event(s) of 2022 are about one subject: NUCLEAR good. NUCLEAR bad.

Let’s be positive first.. Nuclear was good this year!
The Department of Energy announced a scientific breakthrough in nuclear fusion this week, marking a major step toward developing a new, sustainable form of energy that releases virtually no carbon dioxide or other types of air pollution. So fusion went from science fiction to .. reality!
Then the bad.
Vlad the Impaler Putin and Ukraine are at war–whether it is a proxy war or war for the soul of the Russian people there is a way. And with it a constant threat of nuclear weapons being deployed or a nuclear facility being bombed.
The best of times and hopes.. the worst of times and nope.

Which nuclear path will the planet pick?

The movie of the year: A BATMAN lurks…

Robert Pattison played his finest role! The film was an epic battle of good vs evil, a crime story about a dark and sinister Riddler who murders his way through Gotham City. The film was beautifully made with amazing dialogue and suspense.

In our world, this was the MOVIE of the year, no matter what others or the Academy says.


This was a great year for horror–really good movies to pick from. That is not sarcasm .. So we shied away from the WINNIE THE POOH BLOOD AND HONEY horror and picked something much better: BLACK PHONE.

It was the most watchable movie of the year.. set in the 70s, a kidnapper abducts children who become victims of his horrible crimes.

Until he meets the wrong kid who finally is able to listen to the black phone calls–with an ending dramatic and as ‘feel good justice’ as anything could offer.

We know many will not like the pick.. but BLACK PHONE was the best of 2022..

Netflix of the year…THIS was tough. Mad Max wins

The best Netflix of the year was not what you think. STRANGER THINGS 4 was epic in a sense–epically long and also somewhat epically clumsy. The Duffers Brothers gave us SO much since we waited so long, and for that we should obviously be appreciative.

But also with the long running length of Stranger Things 4, there was much to sadly forget.

Except one particular episode with struck such a chord with people that it was able to bring back a song into the modern lexicon of popularity.

Enter Dear Billie–this was episode 4 of the season. Max Mayfield had to confront her demons and face Vecna head on in the upside down. It was one of the most remarkable episodes of a show ever–and could be the single greatest episode of all four seasons of Stranger Things.

Netflix Runner up: Wednesday Addams rocked..

Jenna Ortego was amazing as Wednesday Addams. As a matter of fact, the show was a surprise little hit that had just as many views on Netflix as Stranger Things. Tim Burton came back strong with a funny, satirical, crime drama. Along with Thing and Uncle Fester..

Song of the year

Thanks to Dear Billie, the greatest Netflix show of the year, we also were treated to round two of a song that many came to forget existed!

Kate Bush’s 80s hit RUNNING UP THAT HILL was used as the main theme of Mad Max in Dear Billie. Max used that exact song to save her own life–and when she did it caught on like wildfire.

Kate Bush is private in her world–but she is a Stranger Things fan and have permission to use this song. For her sake she should be glad she did, word is that she earned well over $2 mil in profits from a renewed popularity of Running up that Hill..


Say no more..
Wednesday wins another round.
Coupled with the Lady Gaga song as background, it became a hit.


One of the most popular shows was also the ickiest: DAHMER on Netflix. The fascinating and well-made drama about the life and times of Jeffrey Dahmer became a hit. So much so that more shows just like it will be made.

But many felt just a little weird watching it because of just how well made and realistic it was.

Those with a conscious got a shower after each episode–and definitely didn’t eat a snack during it.

The dumbest MASSIVE news event of 2022: The slap heard around the world.

WALL TO WALL coverage.. multiple news cycles. Apology videos.. celebrity responses. We had it all during the Academy Awards in 2022–no one cared who won best picture (most likely because no one ever watches the best picture) but we sure cared about a Hollywood Drama: The slap heard around the world!

Will Smith ‘defending his wife’ slapped Chris Rock.. and we all took a side.

And life went on.

Mandela Effect of the year: The immediate mis-remembering of the slap heard around the world

It was the slap heard around the world–and seen. But did we mis-remember the scene within a day!?

Mandela Effects are tricky. Lots of people believe science will constantly disprove them. Others who live in Berenstein land think it is a huge scandalous conspiracy of conflicting timelines.

Either way lots of controversy immediately arose from the Smith Rock affair..

Lots of other people remember Chris Rock saying a Oh here comes king Richard right when he was about to get slapped by Will Smith but now he doesn’t say that it’s changed within minutes.

Our favorite Mandela Effected Youtuber Moneybags 73 quickly was on the case!

Distraction of the year

It was the only thing that seemed to matter for several months–and then it just stopped mattering. John C. Depp, II v. Amber Laura Heard was a trial held in Fairfax County, Virginia, from April 11 to June 1, 2022, that ruled on allegations of defamation between formerly married American actors Johnny Depp and Amber Heard. That trial gave us months of memes.. oddities. Strange testimony. Tears. Odd laughter. Everything that Tinseltown had to offer Fairfax County Virginia..

In the end Johnny Depp won.
And maybe, just maybe, we all lost..

PERSON of the year

The one.. the only.. Elon Musk.

He was controversial.
People hated him.
Others loved him.
He asked if he should quit as the CEO and said he would when he finds someone foolish..
And he re-instated Donald Trump.

All of that within weeks of owning Twitter..

But he seems to equal mayhem as well.

Time magazine used to choose the most important person of the year. Now they mostly virtue signal. So we pick up where they left off.

Elon Musk seems to be the most important person of the year..
And if nothing else, he was the most interesting..

The dumbest thing of the year

In October a woman tweeted out how she likes to drink coffee in her garden with her husband in the morning and spend time together. A bunch of truly miserable people came out the woodwork to say how they hate their husbands and are dying at work, then people started calling her privileged and tone deaf because not everyone has the free time that she has and she needs to get a 9-5 job and be miserable like the rest of them…

All because she said she liked tea in her garden.

That indeed was dumb.


The fall of Kanye West. Or P Diddy. Or .. Ye. Or all.

He appeared on INFOWARS and defended Hitler. Even Alex Jones had to disagree with this brand of insanity..


Speaking of Alex Jones.. he is now into the trillions in court decisions against him in various legal battles with the families of Sandy Hook.

However his show goes on each day ..

Artist of the year

You may not have heard of her.. but you may in the future. Gamazda is a Russian musician who just makes miracles happen when she sits behind a piano. Gamazda’s real name is Alexandra Kuznetsova. She is from Moscow, Russia, and was born on April 20th in 1991. She started playing the piano when she was only three years old ..

One of the biggest songs of the year, thanks to Stranger Things season 4 was Master of Puppets. She even did that one.. and wow.. did she ever. Follow her for more!

Truth Teller of the year

With over 6 million subscribers on Youtube, there is something unbiased and refreshing about Russel Brand.

From COVID to politics to scandal, Brand has a refreshing perspective on news and events and adds a spiritual reflection..

AI art of the year

It does not get creepier than Loab. We don’t think. At least we hope. AI art is in full swing.. but when AI art starts to create a person based on random sayings, it gets weird. GO away Loab.. go away.


Joe Biden is an active man for his age! Unfortunately there was a moment that showcased a brief lapse in strength of the Commander in Chief. He heroically (and slowly) drive up to a group of people.. and quickly fell off the bike for a dozen cameras. Various angles showcased his flop to the ground.

Most monumental legal moment of the year

Roe vs Wade was overturned by a largely conservative Supreme Court. The decision leaked out in the early part of the year — and when it did both sides of the debate ramped up their information war.

Now states decide the course of action on the issue.

And largely the Republican sweep in Congress that would have occurred during the MidTerms were most likely held at bay from livid voters who were enraged that something that was legal for much of their lives ..


Monkey pox–or whatever global officials have decided to name it–was set to become a new pandemic. Despite early fears it did not seem to hit the planet in the same way that COVID did, but yet still caused misery to those affected.

Another oddity involving monkeys took place in Danville Pennsylvania earlier this year. During a strange event, an accident on a highway took place involving monkeys being transported to a research center for the government.. monkeys escaped, and one passerby who thought she was about to help some felines in the cold was attacked. What took place was an hours-long odyssey that captivated locals and became international news.

Rumors abounded.. but in the end no correlation between this and monkeypox was found.
So they tell us.. 😉

What if the strike ends and no one cares?
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