Jamie Lee controversy ..

Jamie Lee Curtis posts often on social media. Normally she receives about the normal amount of attention any other Hollywood star would. 

All normal..

Until she posts an image showing that she has a photo of a naked child stuffed in a bath tub that is!!

She did that today and quickly deleted in a post saying she had Covid.. The internet was immediately engaged and enraged.. she took down the imagery.. but questions have continued.

Hanging on one of the walls of Curtis’s office is a large photo of a child who is contorted and laying in in a tub.

Online sleuths have located the art and shared a better view of the picture, and it is apparently a top-down shot of a child sitting in a sort of makeshift pool created out of a plastic storage tub. Green sandals can be seen sitting outside of the tub.

The piece is the work of photographer Betsy Schneider, according to Lenscratch.com. 

Regardless, many social media users were quick to question why that particular art piece was featured in the actress’s office, with some calling it “sick” and “creepy.”

At the time we post this Curtis has yet to publicly respond to any questions about the artwork..