Praise for low budget SKINAMARINK

The film SKINAMARINK only cost $15,000 to make.. it has been receiving high praise from various reviewers and a cult following in the internet..


Schoenbrun’s feature takes place almost entirely in the home of its young lead as well, but when it does head outside, it never shows another human being in its tableaus of big-box stores and multilane roads. Similarly, Skinamarink pushes its few human characters to the corners of the frame (when it shows them at all), shooting them from behind or in fragments. The house is the point, this bustling domestic place turned into an eerie limbo. Those unhurried shots of the upstairs hallway, the craggy Lego landscapes across a stretch of carpet, and a dining-room chair mysteriously attached to the ceiling all recall, more than anything, the liminal-spaces aesthetic that sprang out of message boards like 4Chan and Reddit a few years ago and has since spread across the larger internet.

An article from Variety offers high praise for the mundane and most actorless horror flick..

The film was released today in very select theaters.. it’s apparent popularity will determine how many other theaters eventually show it..