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Game over? NOT YET!! We survived September 23 2023 but will not avoid future September 23rds

For weeks (and actually months) that slow online Tiktok and viral conspiracy theory spread. Movie after movie featured ominous events coupled with the date of September 23. Movie scenes of Armageddon and destruction all seemed to take place on that specific calendar placeholder.

And now, as this post is written, the date across the entire planet reads September 24.

We made it.

The end times, the solar flare, the instant death pandemic, the pole shift, and ever other potential disaster seemingly was averted.

That is the thing with this prognostications of dates. They are rarely true.

While you can always count that a summer time family reunion will feature a rain storm no matter which date you pick (if you are inclined to negative thought) there is not much other than that which can be predicted when it comes to the earth or universe doing just about whatever it wants to do.

So we made it.

Another year.

But put a sticky note on September 23, 2024. Maybe THAT is the year when it all happens, right?

Sure.. Maybe.