The modern Office

So many questions! Today, Michael Scott, from Dunder Mifflin fame announced on Instagram, that other peers “The Office“ is returning.

Steve Carrell, earlier this morning, confirmed what was already rumors for days that a reboot of the hit show the Office was going to start..

Questions to down. Fans, some excited, and some a little worried the show may not be too funny, are debating the potential fallacy of bringing back a show that featured off-color humor and risky political incorrectness.

Also questions as to what the show will be based on. Even in the early 2000s the concept of a paper company still existing was pretty far-fetched.

In the modern age, how many clients can the shows fictitious company possibly still have a Lackawanna county Pennsylvania.

Beyond that, other stars of the program often commented they were not interested in being a part of a reboot.

In the modern era, a number of fans who found the office after many years of the show being off TV. A whole new generation of The Office fans. Will they, and the old fans, still watch?