The story of the year: WAR!

And here we thought it would be Ukraine. The sudden attack on Israel by Hamas led us into a strange place.. newfound territory and old wounds. This war is brutal. The end is not afoot. And it most likely will feature plenty more death and destruction by 2024. . War galore. And no winners in sight.


TIME MAGAZINE chose Taylor Swift. She was big and all. But earth changing? Elon Musk prevailed this year. Some say for the best. Others for the worse.. Either way we have this billionaire with us for the foreseeable future, implementing whatever he wants to on X after renaming it Twitter and still selling tons of Teslas despite them having massive recalls. For as much as people say they hate Musk, they all look up at night when they find out Starlink is above..

Box office of the year

Barbenheimer!! Some may say Barbie was also the person of the year.

These two films collectively brought back the box office, just as much as Taylor Swift..

They were the films of the year for many.. But the collective were a boom for movie theaters that were on shaky ground..

Some Weird of the year..

Where do we start? The crazy plane woman screaming that someone or something was not f(&(&ing real..?
Maybe the UFOs?
Maybe the news that robots almost killed a human worker at a Tesla factory?
Maybe CHAT GPT taking over everything..?
Or maybe.. all of it. And then some.. but the biggest of the year…

The really weird of the year..

The kind that will change the world–maybe–forever?

The aliens among us!

This was the wild one.

The same say that a tornado was forming over the Capitol, witnesses were testifying before Congress that secret government projects exist, that the military has space aliens, and that we may know if other worldly or even inner dimensional creatures.

All this at the same time the government was actively shooting down both Chinese spy balloons and/or UAPs.

Disclosure never felt closer than in 2023.

The HORROR movie of the year

This will be controversial. Skinamarink. So many horror fans HATED it..
Yes, it was weird.. at times got a bit boring.. Confounding. But with each viewing–and we challenge you do do that–you’ll see it gets easier to digest and you’ll become more in tune with the emotions. The movie itself was surreal and made you feel deeply uneasy on multiple levels. If nothing else, it became the horror movie of the year because of that impact.

Best Netflix of the year

Mike Flanagan is leaving Netflix.. but before he does he gave us another must see series.
This was one of the more macabre.. the deeper.. the gross at time!

In end we were glued to our TVs or devices of our choice.

If Edgar Allen Poe was alive today, he would have been too.

Politics of the year

Mitt Romney likes hot dogs. So much that he said “hot dog” is his “favorite meat.” This video cannot be beat.. it perhaps is the best Mitt Romney ever .. Because we love it so much, you can watch it below:

Freeze frame of the year

The multiple times that Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell froze was the top .. Diane Feinstein, may God rest her soul, also was a shocking embarrassment to us as well.

The leaders are aged. But they remain. The animatronics just won’t quit.

The mug shot of the year

Anti-Trumpers called it the most important mug shot ever.

Pro-Trumpers called is the most important mug shot ever.

Not it’s on shirts, mugs, and the Trump for 2024 campaign site.

Stop doing this in 2024

No more big giant baby gender reveal parties, please?

When your baby reveal party leads to a plane crash that kills a pilot and destroys an apartment building, you know you went too far.


The guy who lives in a vacant apartment building. While he was around for years, 2023 gave us the viral moment when TikTok user Cody (@atlcody) says the apartment complex he lives in is “abandoned.” It generated 5 million views.

Accidental Instagram of the year

When Jamie Lee Curtis posted photos of her office, along with images of a child in a bath tub. It was all innocent, right? Sure? Maybe?

One Hit Wonder of the year

Oliver Anthony’s Rich Men North of Richmond was so huge that it was mentioned at presidential debates. It was a giant story for weeks until Taylor took over again. But in the midst, it hit a chord …

Natural (and human) disaster of the year


“This is strong confirmation — based on real data — that utility grid faults were likely the ignition source for multiple wildfires on Maui,” said Bob Marshall, the founder and CEO of Whisker Labs, which has 78 sensors across Maui, part of a robust network of hundreds of thousands monitoring grids across the United States.

In the days leading up the predicted hurricane winds, Hawaiian Electric did not cut power as a precaution.

2023 and where it got us


So many lost in 2023

Predictions for 2024

Final reflections