New York Police monitoring sanitation issues

With large crowds come large messes. Especially when those large crowds aren’t controlled and instead spontaneously forming.. Such is the case tonight in New York City, where for days now crowds have gathered in the thousands to protest Wall Street..But, as all others do, “Occupy Wall Street” eats, drinks, and uses the bathroom just the … Read moreNew York Police monitoring sanitation issues

The kill list

Bombshell news from Reuters today, which reports that a secret panel can put Americans on a kill list.. There are no notes, no public records, and no check and balance.. The President being permitted to decide what American is assassinated? Reuters reported in the dispatch that White House spokesman Tommy Vietor declined to discuss anything … Read moreThe kill list

Saturated and sick of rain..

But weather forecasters are now privately concerned about tropical development that could hit the Northeast all over again next week.. Some privately even concerned about rain exceeding 5 inches.. Earth Insider will give more information as the event unfolds..