Americans to Gitmo?

Amazibg developments occurring in the United States Senate.. A provision in the Defense Reauthorization bill introduced by Senator John McCain and Carl Levin give the Executive Branch of government increased power to classify American citizens on the homeland ‘enemy’ combatants and charge them with terrorism–or not charge them at all and hold them indefinitely. The … Read moreAmericans to Gitmo?


Developing story all night.. and today. Repercussions high.. Also on the EarthInformer radar: Very warm weather in the Northeast. No Winter yet.. Lieberman asking Google to ‘ban’ terrorist content… Rand Paul took on John McCain over the Senate terrorism detainee bill that could give the government the right to take American citizens and hold them as combatants, … Read moreOCCUPY LA BEING REMOVED BY COPS..

Drones and consequences.. Pakistan/NATO relations come to a grinding halt

A collection of news links from the world: Tensions in Pakistan inflame after NATO helicopter strike reportedly kills Pakistani troops.. PROFOUND DIPLOMATIC CONSEQUENCES AFTER NATO STRIKE KILLS PAKISTANI TROOPS Border tensions inflame after NATO strike.. Tension in Pakistan.. NATO attack kills Pakistani troops.. Tensions inflame: Pakistan tells US to vacate air base.. NATO says “highly … Read moreDrones and consequences.. Pakistan/NATO relations come to a grinding halt


AFP Photo/Thomas Lohnes The European economy continues to travel down a rocky path.. But now the British government is privately warning of a Euro break up — and  riots. According to TELEGRAPH reporter James Kirkup, the Treasury in Britain confirmed earlier in November that contingency plans began to be made for a collapse and unrest. … Read moreNEW FEARS OF EURO FAILURE– AND WHAT IT COULD LEAD TO IF IT COLLAPSES

Breach: Obama security plan found in a gutter!

Only day after the White House was shot by an alleged would be assassin of President Barack Obama, now comes this: The President’s security plans were found by an Australian newspaper–in a gutter on a street! No joke: The secret document–or at least the document that should have been a secret–was called “Overall Program and Orders … Read moreBreach: Obama security plan found in a gutter!

A world update

The empire strikes backOccupy: Protesters take to the streets of the United States..Thursday night chaos: “Occupy” subways..Protesters chant to follow small children?Occupy Stock Exchange….Arrests.. The online protest group “Anonymous” claimed in a video published Thursday that it was targeting the U.S. Chamber of Commerce over its support of the “Protect IP Act,” which they called … Read moreA world update