Random news from the random world..

Solar flares to the rescue! Sun blasts may sweep away space junk.. Disturbing new information revealed about numbers of tapes along porous border .. Baby boom?! 1.35 million condoms get recalled.. Eugenics? Condoms are so 20th century.. Welcome to the new world where your sperm will be zapped away like it never existed.. So party … Read moreRandom news from the random world..

The noisy planet

If you landed here because you have heard the earth is moaning.. please contact me.. I’d love to know more..My message, reprinted, from about a week ago: Send me an email or comment here.. have you hear the earth moan and groan? Have you heard the strange trumpet noises that are reportedly taking place across the globe? … Read moreThe noisy planet

News of the day.. weak and weary on the weekend.. but the earth keeps sprinning

FOX anchor unleashes: Wallace says 19 GOP debates is insane.. Twitter is now ready to censor..User content in some countries to be restricted.. First major Northeast snowstorm may be brewing..DID THE UNITED STATES ESCAPE WINTER? Newly discovered color photos from Hitler’s lair… Erin Brockovich Launches Investigation Into Tic Illness Affecting NY Teenagers.. Being followed by … Read moreNews of the day.. weak and weary on the weekend.. but the earth keeps sprinning

Just bein’ Miley

Oh kids these days.. Miley Cyrus celebrates perhaps the only way she knows how. She’s a kid. Lots of kids do this.. right? Get penis cakes and … lick them on provocative ways knowing that photo will show up online? She’s just .. being .. Miley!? A provacative cake.. and lick.. A strange day.. Miley Cyrus gets dirty … Read moreJust bein’ Miley